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Colonel Tan’s (Prahran)

Location: Revolver Upstairs, 229 Chapel Street, Prahran 3181
Telephone: (03)9521 5985 (their office is attended 1000 — 1800, Tuesday — Friday)
Opening Hours:
Tuesday ~ Thursday 1700 – 2300
Friday 1200 – 2300
Saturday 1700 – 2300

Staircase to CT's (photo by Lily)

While the gist of most dining environments always keep the cuddly foodie in check. This one was by no question, a matter of utter surprise, What would that be, I hear you ask ? Where to start would be my answer….

Well lets say, I climbed a mountain of stairs to reach the peak, where the dinner was served. Here, I pant on climbing, and am greeted with the warmth of Mediterranean redness throwing right into the eyes, a consoling moment of grace after the climb. OK, all good….So here I am staring at an entrance that greets me with open welcome doors. I enter with the rest of the group, to be taken by full surprise yet again, the interior is whole new world.

As a built environment created to the sense of classic oldness, I can’t find a simpler way to put it. I’m talking brick walls, lined with framed art in classic works that sets itself apart.

Why not add to the splendour, menus served on wooden clipboards, set on furniture that looks dated to the old century, a contemporary and classic mix…I loved it.

We sit to endeavour the likeness of what food we are offered, Keeping in check, all we have just taken in, But hey, i suppose they were hell bent on pulling the right strings on that night, the cuisine was fan-ta-fabulous. Well layered to suit my picky taste -buds, rich in textures, taste and flavours built into dishes that were created to blow your mind with combinations that were differentiated to a whole new generation. Seriously, have you heard of Plum sauce served with chill paste …..I can’t have heard that, but hey!!!… that was relish.

Mushroom & Tofu Spring Rolls with Chilli Plum Sauce (3 pieces, $3.50 for extra pieces) $9.50


Deep Fried Pork Ribs with Hot Chilli Sauce $12.50

Generous portion!! Very tasty too.

Eggnet Salad with Pork, Prawn, Peanuts & Beanshoots $14.50

Spicy salad, I liked it but wished that I had something else less meaty.

Coconut Vegetable Yellow Curry with Rice & Eggplant Relish $14.50

Definitely a highlight - vegetarian lovers' must try (photo by Lily)

Pimm’s No. 1 $8.00

Beautifully made cocktail - Pimm's No.1 just the way I wanted it. V.satisfied (photo by Lily)

Steamed Rice $2.00

Served to suit the buds of someone who wants to try the different, Are you one among them ?

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