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Image Superstore (Melbourne University | Melbourne)

This is a review of Glamour Makeover, Photo Shoot & High Tea at Image Superstore in April 2012

1st: Taken in the studio.

Location: 690 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne 3000 (corner of Pelham and Berkeley Street)
Telephone: (03) 9349 5529
Trading Hours: Monday ~ Saturday 0930 – 1730, Closed on Sunday

Number of Participants: 4 (two male and two female)

Vouchers purchased:

  • [Livingsocial] $70 Glamour Makeover & Workshop, Photo Shoot & High Tea ($788 Value) – For Two – Includes one photo
  • [Groupon] $39 High Tea and Elegant Photoshoot for Two Plus a Napoleon Goodies Bag, CBD ($198 Value)

Groupon Voucher

Before reviewing the photoshoot and hightea experience with Image Superstore, I would just like to mention that the booking procedure was pleasant and the staff were very patient. Their website isn’t the easiest to navigate around, I have provided some screenshots to assist.

Booking procedure:
  1. Register online
  2. Navigate yourself to the Glamour Deals section

    Glamour Deals tab

  3. Select the deal (we had the vouchers so it was a matter of matching the vouchers to the deals listed)

    $35 Groupon Deal (pricing may only be used as a reference)

    $70 Livingsocial voucher (pricing may only be used as a reference)

  4. Choose two preferred dates for the photo shoot
  5. Finalize (e.g. redeem voucher by inserting the code)
  6. Wait for their confirmations via email and phone

Day of Photo Shoot:

My girlfriend and I were asked to arrive an hour before the photo shoot to get a makeover; they had two Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics makeup artists who assisted us. The makeup artists asked us what style of photos we wanted so they would match the makeup accordingly. I wanted my makeup to be glamorous so I didn’t hesitate to ask for what I wanted; I liked how she did my makeup however she did miss a couple of spots so I asked her politely to go over my makeup (I didn’t want to make her feel too awkward since she was the makeup artist; have I ever mentioned that I am a Michelle Phan fan?). I guess what I am trying to say is, if you know how you want your makeup then do ask for it; the makeup artists will be willing to meet your requirements.

The boys had a quick touch up after they arrived 30 minutes prior to the shoot; I am sure if they wanted makeup it would have been okay too (at an extra charge).

We were greeted by our photographer after the makeup session, she asked us what themes/styles we wanted our photos to be in; whether we were couples or friends; changing clothes or not etc. We had the options to take photos in the studio, the cafe (Image Superstore) and/or garden outside.

We wanted to celebrate our friendship and use that as the content of the photos; we ended up having our photos taken in the studio and the cafe. Our photographer was really patient and friendly, we felt very comfortable posing under her instructions.

While she was loading the photos we had our high tea.

High Tea for Two

The final photo selecting process was done in a different room where a projector was used to display our photos, we weren’t pressured into purchasing the photos by the photographer, those photos can cost quite a bit. We redeemed one photo in high-resolution through the [livingsolcial] voucher and purchased two more photos in digital format in lower resolution.

Total Cost: $109.00 (Vouchers) + $90.00 (Extra photos)


The following review was done by AJ:

Times of Inspiration, Times of Trend…. I’d like to believe we summed that nicely.

Photogenic bliss, make-up. White halls, stunning girls, handsome guys, brought together in the simplicity of photographic effect… capturing an essence brought together in one word – ‘joy’. Definitely, haven’t spent money in the past to get photos snapped, so the experience was filled with anticipation. A well conducted experience; I do suppose you get what you pay for.

A stunning afternoon we slip into formal wear to create that effect of pure luxury and richness & I’d like to believe we managed to capture that without much effort – it comes at a cost though!

Excellent service brought together in the preparation time for the photos, where the girls were given their adequate attention (may I say) in being prettied up to enhance that luxurious image and the guys were simply satisfied with adequate consideration, not quite sure we wanted to much attention when make-up was involved, not being excessive – I’d like to say we were perfect enough 🙂 Perfect snapshots that displayed beauty and joy combined simply catching that moment.

And of course… what’s a photo shoot without throwing in a High Tea Service. A good coffee experience, definitely place for improvement – but that was not what this was about. As far as the food was concerned, well worth the value. A combination of sweet, savory, and extra sweet macaroons is any persons dream heaven.

Have a sneak peek at the photos below…..You’ll figure the rest out and trust me…

Temptations have no upper limits

Serving Plates

Mini pies and foccasia


Beautiful cafe with readily available photography set ups

Loving the decor

2nd + 3rd: Our absolute favourites.

Image Superstore Cafe on Urbanspoon