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Wooga Korean Restaurant (West Melbourne)

Location: 270 Victoria St, West Melbourne 3003
Telephone: (03) 9328 1221
Opening Hours:
Dinner | Sunday ~  Saturday 1730 – 2230
Lunch | Saturday ~ Sunday 1200 – 1500

"WOOGA" = "Beef House"

My target was to try out all the Korean BBQ restaurants along Victoria Street; have been to Toodouri Korean BBQ long time ago, I picked Wooga this time but it was ALMOST a bad move because it was an almost 30C day -.-;; *sweat*

The booking was made for a Friday night, originally booked for 6pm for 3 people but I changed it to 7pm for 6 people. The lady didn’t pick up the change in the number of guests over the phone, by the time we got to the restaurant they were flat out and we had to wait for a bigger table to become available.

We ended up sitting there after these people left

The restaurant was hot and smokeeeey given that it is a BBQ restaurant… Not quite sure why they didn’t turn the air conditioner on. Luckily, Wooga has naengmyeon (cold noodles | 냉면 | 冷麵) on the menu which was super refreshing and cooling!

Cold Noodles

All the other mains my friends picked were very generous in portion especially this potato noodle dish, it was served in a larger-than-pizza-pan-sized plate!

Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to take a better photo of this dish. It was brought to us like this.

Then the waitress mixed the dish up for us

I forgot its name so I call it Potato Noodle in Super Pan

Some spicy seafood potato noodles dish

My overall rating for Wooga is 5/10.

Food was good but I’ve had better for the same price. Table service was good except they never came to us again after all the dishes were served, must have been a Korean restaurant thing where they would only clear the table after the guests leave  (?) because it happened in a different Korean restaurant in the past.


On an unrelated note, I had the Korean beer CASS for the first time; I knew the brand because I came across a couple of CASS commercials on Youtube last year. They were promoted by celebrities (singers and actors) through very long MVs (I would just call them short films!). Check them out if you are interested =) The CASS I was given with was only a little bit chilled, near-room temperature beer tasted average…


Tik Tok (Cass beer video’s commercial) 2PM feat. Yoon Eunhye

Part I 

Part II

Kiss (Cass beer video’s commercial) Sandara Park (2NE1) & Lee Min Hoo (Boys Over Flowers)

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