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Akachochin (South Wharf)

Address: 33 Dukes Walk, South Wharf 3006, VIC
(03) 9245 9900
Trading Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 
Lunch | 1200 – 1600
, Dinner: 1800 til late
Public Transport – Catch tram 96, 109, 112 to stop Casino/MCEC/Clarendon St
Dining conditions: Thursday 27.12.2012 – Dinner
Average Per Head:
 $$$$ 58.20
Hits & Misses: Hit + Recommended

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Modern and authentic, Akachochin or ‘Red Lantern’ is a Japanese Izakaya restaurant is where sharing is their virtue – and quality is their promise.

On our arrival, we were greeted with two friendly waitresses who directed us towards our reserved table. Clear and friendly ‘いらっしゃいませ irashayimase (welcome)’ was said by all the staff to make new diners feel welcomed. Not used to be getting so much attention in restaurants, it was a little overwhelming at the start, as a cultural thing – I adapted.

The dining area was open and lit well; there were window seats where views of the South Warf was clearly seen. All diners can see the chef preparing dishes with fresh ingredients; you can even choose to sit right in front of them for a closer look.

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We were assisted greatly by our designated staff who constantly checked on us, she was polite and was there to ensure our questions about the menu were answered. It was our first visit so she gave us some recommendations before we even thought about asking, I found it helpful because the menu had every dish under its Japanese name.

Translated as 'Red Lanterns'

Translated as ‘Red Lanterns’

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What we’ve ordered:

Kaisen Futomaki – large style nori roll w omelette, sea eel, whitefish, salmon, tuna, kingfish, masago, avocado and spring onion





Unagi Avocado Roll – inside out roll w eel, avocado, sliced onion, masago, cucumber, sweet soy


Ebi & Daikon Creamy Salad – cooked prawn, white radish, mixed leaves and micro herbs w creamy wasabi dressing


Grilled Curry Salted Hotate and Sea Urchin – grilled curry salted scallops w nori chips and sea urchin sauce

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Grilled Eggplant, Oyster & Cheese – 2 oysters on deep fried eggplant w grilled cheese and den-miso


Barramundi Chilli Mushi – saltwater wild barramundi w chilli, ponzu, dashi & kombu


Total Bill: $174.50

No. of diners: 3


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