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Simply Spanish (South Melbourne)

Location: 116 Cecil St, South Melbourne 3205
Telephone: (03) 9682 6100
Trading Hours:
Monday ~ Tuesday | Closed
Wednesday | 0800 – 1600
Thursday | 0900 – 1500
Friday ~ Saturday | 0800 – 2200
Sunday | 0800 – 1600

The Shop Front

The simplistic taste of authentic Spanish spices blended into the perfect sauce sautéed for the Paella, an authentic Spanish delight cooked with rice, chicken and seafood tumbled through saffron cooked and served in a shallow pan, an origin from the Latin term ‘patella’ – pan !! Nothing quite beats the taste, of such a classic served in a market filled environment that is charged with the hustle and bustle, creating something unique in its own right ! Ladies and gentlemen, simply Spanish, a diff note choice when your around the area of South Melbourne for a tickle of the taste of Spanish culture!

Seafood Big Pan Paella

…but how about, the intensify the senses and top of an authentic Spanish cuisine with what they call, ‘Sangria’ a term that’s justifies itself quite so well, from old Latin, in being simply translated as ‘Bleeding’ – a Spanish drink of wine mixed with lemonade, fruit and spices to give it that extra twist of true Spanish love.!

Nothing Beats a Glass of Sangria on a sunny afternoon


Floating Fruity

El sabor perfecto español…disfrutar de ella !!!

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Just a bit more about the South Melbourne Market

Location: 322 Coventry Street, South Melbourne 3205
Telephone: (03) 9209 6295
Opening Hours:
Monday ~ Tuesday | Closed
Wednesday | 0800 – 1600
Thursday | Closed
Friday | 0800 – 1800
Saturday ~ Sunday | 0800 – 1600