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Tandoori Flames (South Kingsville)

Location: 15 Vernon St, South Kingsville 3015
Telephone: (03) 9078 2769 | (03) 9391 9913
Trading Hours: Sunday ~ Saturday 1700 – 2300

Lamb Saag (number 56 on the menu)

A taste from the royal courts of India, set amongst the smallest of towns in the western regions of Melbourne, a true ingredient that twists the taste buds for those that love the spices of India. A well suited warm interior, set out in the drapes of traditional Indian designer wear, a factor that does set itself apart from the best of Indian cuisine that Melbourne has to offer. While the best of both worlds is offered in the dimensions way beyond my comprehension, the taste that is left, stays long after the departure from the restaurant. Sizzling tandoori platters, spiced curries, and softened Indian bread (Naan(s)) is what I would define as simply pure temptation in the deepest places. I might not be the best to critique the expertise that dwells within the tandoori oven,  but very little remains that could benchmark the essence.

A well set out dining menu, with a comprehensive dinning menu, that ranges in its taste factor to the very best, a lovely customer experience, and indeed a very friendly hostess, is anything that would make an evening special. To further add the touch, Tandoori Flames offers its exquisite accompaniment folk music live (upon request) from that of a fine sitar player in Melbourne

‘While I agree this might be a far out reach for a lot of you…..when you decide to have that one day….Why Not ? …Keep those buds tickled!

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