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Friends of Mine (Richmond)

A Beautiful Message

Location: 506 Swan St, Richmond 3121
Telephone: (03) 9428 7516
Opening Hours:
Monday ~ Friday | 0800 – 1600
Saturday ~ Sunday | 0830 – 1600
Online Menu

After my first visit for brunch and second visit for afternoon tea in this funky cafe restaurant, I wanted to explore Friends of Mine’s menu further.

This time I decided to try their ‘Lunchy things‘ with a friend of mine (get it?! … okay, sorry):

  • Spanish pork loin + manchego croquetas w/red pepper, tomato + almond relish $16.90

Manchego is a Spanish cheese traditionally made with sheep’s milk, it had the texture like fine potato mash in this croqueta dish.

The Spanish salsa like relish contrasted the warm croquetas in flavour; it was sweet, cold and complimented with the crunch of almonds.

  • F & C, Battered Lakes Entrance flat head w/roasted rosemary potatoes, remoulade + lemon $22.90

Fresh flat head with nicely roasted potatoes. The rémoulade was a mayonnaise-based condiment as an accompaniment to this battered fish fillet; there were some shredded vegetable of some sort in it.

Dessert coming our way:

  • Dark Hot Chocolate Fondant – melted caramel, vanilla ice cream and pistachio nuts $12.90 (?)

The menu suggested that there would be a 15 minutes wait for this dessert; apparently it took a lot longer this time but we really didn’t notice until the floor staff came around to apologise for the prolonged wait.

I have a feeling that this Fondant collapsed

Common Hot Chocolate Fondant presentation

The cafe staff asked us how it was and told us how they had to make it twice because the first one didn’t turn out very well. That was why it took a bit longer to serve. My friend and I honestly didn’t mind; we were very happy that the service was genuine in Friends of Mine.


Cascading hot chocolate

Number of Diners: 2
Total Bill: $55.00+

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