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Cake World 愛麗絲餅店 (Preston)

Displays very similar to Bread Kingdom

Location: 423 High St, Preston
Telephone: (03) 9077 1317
Opening Hours:
7 Days | 0830 – 1900
Also located in Box Hill, Box Hill Shopping Centre, Carnegie, Footscray, Glen Waverley

Cake Display

Cake Boxes

Barista Station

Taro (Yam) Buns and Almond Biscuits – 2 for $7.00; both really tasty

Berry Bread Cake

Half Cake and Half Bread – quite good

Warm Beverages: Coconut Milk Tea and Taro Milk Teal both with pearls (tapioca). $3.50 each milk tea and extra $0.50 for the pearls.

Cake World is yet another cafe + bakery very similar to Bread Kingdom and Breadtop. They do have something different to offer however such as the bread/cake slices and larger beverage varieties including bubble milk tea.

The dining in environment is very simple, perhaps not 100% comfortable – maybe because of the funny chairs and the cooling effect of the white interiors.

Their staff were friendly, unlike some of the ones I have came across Breadtop in the Melbourne CBD in the past. That was a highlight. I wouldn’t mind going there to take a rest after shopping in the market or to catch up with a friend.

Total Cost: $20.00
Number of NurikkoVisits diners: Two (and no, we didn’t eat everything that we have purchased on the day)