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Bake (bread coffee and cake) [Moorabbin Airport]

Location: Crisp and Fresh | 2/288 Centre Dandenong Road, Moorabbin Airport 3172
Telephone: (03) 9583 3455
Opening Hours: 7 Days | 0700 – 1730

The cafe near Moorabbin DFO/Airport where you can get decent coffee, breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. And if you are up for it, located conveniently inside the Crisp and Fresh grocery store – you can make pick up ingredients to make your own fresh meals.

There is a bakery, deli, fruit and veggie sections; the store has a strong Mediterranean culture so the deli and bakery are packed with choices.

I’ve had a lot of dessert in the cafe over the past couple of years and am quite impressed with most of them. I have only to realised recently that I never dedicated a post just for them so here is a consolidation of some of the offerings from Bake.

Dessert (Price Range – under $5.0):

  • Carrot Cake
  • Fairy Cupcake
  • Italian Doughnut with cheese filling
  • Lemon Meringue Tart
  • Pecan twist
  • Vanilla Slice


  • Vittoria Coffee


  • Burek
  • Spanakopita

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