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The Host Indian Restaurant (Keilor)

Location: 3 / 900 Old Calder Hwy, Keilor 3036
Telephone: (03) 9449 3078
Opening Hours: Dinner | Monday ~ Sunday 1730 – 2230

Authentic Indian Cusine, set into the western ends of Melbourne, while the ride towards the west is always worth it, making a short stop for a quick taste of India is worth a chance. With an interior that is set amongst a beautifully created ambience that encompasses an environment of true Indian belief – peace and Calm. While the entrance might greet you to a shock of silence even for a full house, the ambience of the environment gets to you in the end. Authentic Indian flavors fill the very air with the sense of awe that definitely takes the diner into the very moment of what India has to offer.  In the very words of the founder – ‘The host is the realization of a dream. I invite you to share it with me’ – Prem Rawat. Live that dream.

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