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Zanetti Cafe Bar Restaurant (Ivanhoe)

Location: 132 Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe 3079
Telephone: (03) 9499 1642
Opening Hours:
Lunch | Monday ~ Friday 1130 – 1530
Dinner | Monday ~ Sunday 17:00 – 23:00


I have been to Zanetti twice; it was lunch on the first time and dinner this time. Despite the bad voting on Urbanspoon, I felt that Zanetti is a safe restaurant to go to when you run out of ideas or the effort to search for a different place for a meal. They have weeknight specials and late trading hours, which I do appreciate. Let me move onto the food.

I do like their menu, of course it is mainly Italian with a good variation of pizzas and pasta; plus the dessert display was very attractive =Q___ I have tried their caesar salad on both occasions, it was ordered by a friend on the first time. She said that she always liked their chips back when she was in high school; a bunch of friends would always come to Zanetti’s after school for a snack. So there, it is a trusted restaurant with returning customers. Their veggie pizza was quite nice, I asked for additional chicken though just because I am a meat lover =) It also makes Aj jealous because he is on a meat diet right now (haha).

The service can be slow because they don’t put a lot of floor staff on during off-peak hours; but I didn’t feel that I was waiting for a horribly long time like I did in DUCK DUCK GOOSE (please click here to read that post and feel the pain!) They were nice people, so I’m not complaining.

Dishes Ordered:

  • Side Dishes: Chips – 8.90 Wedges – 8.90
  • Salads: Caesar Salad with Salmon – Crisp baby cos lettuce, anchovies, poached egg and parmesan cheese served with traditional dressing and croutons – 20.90
  • Grourmet Pizza: Roast Pumpkin Pizza with additional Chicken
  • Dessert: Apple and Rhubarb Pie – 9.90

Take a look at them:

Chips/Fries however you like to call them – Your must have good fries

Wedges – We had to get more sweet ‘n’ chilli sauce!! =)

Caesar Salad with Salmon – Fresh and Tasty Salad, good portion but price justified I suppose

Caesar Salad Take Two – Still delicious

Forgot its price but it was a good good pizza, can have it without chicken and it becomes a vegetarian pizza!! *surprised*

Apple and Rhubarb Pie – Served warm, great dessert after a meal

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