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Koko Black Winter vs. Summer

Koko Black Doncaster_00042 - 240 x 304

Had my Summer Indulgence in Doncaster


According to their blog, Koko Black had made some changes to their menu and added variations including small patisserie items to tickle chocolate fans’  taste buds. The last time before I dined in Koko Black was late in 2011 when the summer sun was out and about; I had a Summer Spoil that time.

It is obviously a very delayed blog post but I am adding the current menu items I have recently tried; Koko Black is a fancy place, I wonder what they will come up for this summer?


Summer spoil $13.50

A summer interpretation of the Belgian Spoil; blackberry torte, strawberry jube, chocolate mousse with crushed pistachios, chocolate-raspberry sorbet and two chocolates – milk raspberry ganache and cassis.

A dessert set shared between 3

From the left: Blackberry torte, Two Chocolates – milk raspberry ganache and cassis and Strawberry Jube.

From the left: Chocolate mousse with crushed pistachios and Chocolate-raspberry sorbet


Chocolate, Hazelnut and Sesame Twist, Serving of two $5.50

Twist of flaky puff pastry layered with chocolate hazelnut ganache

Light dessert after dinner

Snapped from a different angle


Chocolate Mousse Full Serve $9.50 Half serve$5.00

Topped with crushed caramelised hazelnuts

Conveniently enough, Koko Black offers full serves and half serves of the chocolate mousse. This is the half serve.