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首爾大作戰 | Seoul, South Korea 4 Days

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去年去了首爾都一直沒有把我的經歷與照片上傳,主要是因為照片一直沒有整理出來. 去年我上班成為正式員工於是手頭上的時間剪了百分之⑦十, 還有與樂隊近每週末都有街頭表演,於是這個博客受到了嚴重冷落,更不用提我去首爾的照片了.

那段時間我斷斷續續地製作了首爾的Scrapbook, 雖然還沒有講完所有的故事, 我想也沒有必要追了.


Seoul Scrapbook 01

Seoul Scrapbook 01: 從機場到旅店, how to use T-Money?

Seoul Scrapbook 02

Seoul Scrapbook 02: 明洞碧姿旅館 Hotel Biz Myung-Dong, 溫馨小旅店

Seoul Scrapbook 03

Seoul Scrapbook 03: 自由行: 市聽站  – 德壽宮與大漢門

Seoul Scrapbook 04

Seoul Scrapbook 04: 自由行: 我在大漢門試穿韓裝 Trying Hanbok for free at Daehanmung Deoksugong

Seoul Scrapbook 05

Seoul Scrapbook 05: 自由行: 郵局與光化門

Seoul Scrapbook 06

Seoul Scrapbook 06: 明洞夜景與樂天百貨公司

Seoul Scrapbook 07

Seoul Scrapbook 07: 光化門外景



Author: nurikkochan

I am a friend, a daughter, a grand daughter, a cousin and an alumni. I am an ultimate sweet tooth, luckily my dental friend promised to look after my teeth for life. Self-claimed best bathroom singer, would like to make a living with singing and craft work. Now making a living as a freelance MC and singer specialising in Chinese weddings and tea ceremonies. Follow me on Instagram @nikki.zhao

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