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Gekkazan Kiosk (Postal Lane | Melbourne CBD) [Video]

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Address: GPO – Shop 28g Postal Lane, 350 Bourke St, Melbourne 3000 
How to get there:
Tram 19, 57, 59, 86, 95, 96 – Stop Elizabeth/Bourke St. 1, 3, 3a, 5, 6, 8, 16, 64, 67, 72 – Walkable from Stop Swanston/Bourke St.
Telephone: (03) 9663 7123
Trading Hours:
Monday ~ Wednesday, Saturday 1100 –  1700
Thursday ~ Friday | 1100 – 2130
Sunday | Closed

Dining conditions: Friday 8 Feb 2013 – Snack after work
Average Per Head: $
Hits & Misses:
Typhoon’s Hit + Favourite + Recommended

Sick of having soggy seaweed  with your hand-roll or onigiri? Gekkazan promises their seaweed to be crisp and crunch whenever you visit.

It is my first time there so I am yet to try their hot food. I have been introduced to their hand-roll and onigiri with special wrapping technique where a plastic film is placed between the rice and seaweed – so that the seaweed will only be exposed to moisture when you unwrap it by following the instruction on the packaging.

It is all too difficult to explain in words so I have prepared a short 2 minutes film of my friend Typhoon demonstrating how it is done.


Gekkazan @ GPO on Urbanspoon

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I am a friend, a daughter, a grand daughter, a cousin and an alumni. I am an ultimate sweet tooth, luckily my dental friend promised to look after my teeth for life. Self-claimed best bathroom singer, would like to make a living with singing and craft work. Now making a living as a freelance MC and singer specialising in Chinese weddings and tea ceremonies. Follow me on Instagram @nikki.zhao

One thought on “Gekkazan Kiosk (Postal Lane | Melbourne CBD) [Video]

  1. thanks for coming and a nice comment
    (also the video )
    hope we can see you again!!
    Justin from Gekkazan

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