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Bubble Cup – Sea Salt Milk Tea [Video]

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Review of Bubble Cup’s new recipe – ‘Sea Salt’ Milk Tea.

Sea Salt 奶蓋茶 $4.00

Sea Salt 奶蓋茶 $4.00

I visited the QV store in Melbourne CBD.

Had the choice of green or red tea, I chose green.

The mixture of 'Sea Salt' that is suppose to be the 'hint of cheese' is really thick. You can tell from the photo that it is also sticky and the straw pulled some down with it.

The mixture of Sea Salt ‘froth’ is thick, dense and sticky. It is supposed to give a ‘hint of cheese’. This salty and slight sour mixture is stretchy so when you put the straw into the drink it pulls the ‘froth’ down with it (as you can see from this photo).

Watch the review below:

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