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Mook Ji Bar (Lonsdale Street | Melbourne CBD)


Look out for this sign on Lonsdale Street

Location: 406 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne 3000
Telephone: (03) 9600 2661
Opening Hours:
Monday ~ Saturday 1130 – 2300
Sunday (and Public Holidays) 1500 – 2200

Situated on the between Queen Street and Elizabeth Street on Lonsdale Street, Mook Ji Bar definitely does outshine the other few Korean restaurants located on the same street. Here goes – I was recommended by a friend who was recommended by a Korean friend to go there for some authentic Korean food; something that impresses real Koreans can not go wrong. On my very first visit, my impression was that there were a lot of international Korean!

In this fast paced Korean restaurant their diners didn’t stop coming in, they were mainly Koreans through observation. I liked their menu, there were a lot of dishes to choose from, great variety; but if you are unfamiliar with Korean cuisine it is best to take someone who does with you. I wouldn’t expect their staff to recommend dishes or explain what things were, they seemed way too busy taking orders and delivering dishes. That being said, each dish on their menu have an English description in detail; made very easy to process.

Let us move onto the food:

Banchan refers to small dishes of food served along with cooked rice in Korean cuisine. (Hangul: 반찬; Hanja: 飯饌; also spelled panch’an)

Stir Fried Anchovy (멸치볶음 Myulchi Bokkeum), Fishcake (?) Tofu and Kimchi


Kimchi Pancake 김치전 $15.00
Pancake with kimchi, vegetables, pork belly and egg

Entree pancake was cut into 8 slices, shared between 6. It was a big pancake!


Beef Bulgogi 소 불고기 $13.00
Beef and vegetables marinated in soy sauce

A popular dish amongst my friends, can’t go wrong with marinated beef right?


Beef Bulgogi Hot Pot (뚝배기 불고기 ddukbaegi bulgogi or 뚝불 ddukbul for short) $15.00
Hot pot served with beef marinated in soy sauce, vegetables and sweet potato starch noodle

Soups comes with one serve of rice

Seafood Tofu Soup 해물 두부탕 $15.00
Soup made with seafood (including quarter of a crab), tofu and vegetable

If I was by myself I would probably just have this soup for dinner. It was in contrast a very plain flavoured soup, but I believed that it was full of goodness.


Soy & Garlic Sauced Chicken (Whole Size) 간장 마늘 치킨 $26.00

Everybody loves deep-fried food xD This KFC styled dish was a people pleaser.

Rice x 3 = $6.00We were very happy with the dining experience in Mook Ji Bar; I would definitely go back again and be a lot more adventurous next time =] (I was told that the beef intestine dishes were very impressive kekeke).Menu photos can be found in the gallery below.

Head number: 6

Total Bill: $90 | $15 per head

Mook Ji Bar on Urbanspoon

Author: nurikkochan

I am a friend, a daughter, a grand daughter, a cousin and an alumni. I am an ultimate sweet tooth, luckily my dental friend promised to look after my teeth for life. Self-claimed best bathroom singer, would like to make a living with singing and craft work. Now making a living as a freelance MC and singer specialising in Chinese weddings and tea ceremonies. Follow me on Instagram @nikki.zhao

9 thoughts on “Mook Ji Bar (Lonsdale Street | Melbourne CBD)

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  2. This place is next to my Melbourne Institute of Technology

    I will visit one day for Pork and Soup meal…

  3. Hello Dear,

    No I am a freak of Schezwan food and Korean food..

    I am a south indian from a place where these kinds of taste are like heaven…

    I loved Schezwan in South Yarra lovely… You need to pair with Saki or red wine with Spicy food.

    I have seen this place 2 months a ago.. Our South Indian Muslim friend Hotel is there Halal ZAM

    ZAM next to a car park and to Malaysian Restuarant downhill. Please review ZAM ZAM Too and

    Upload. AMJATH BHai is the name of the owner & you can refer my name..

    Malayasian Tea

    Parotta with their gravy

    Egg parotta

    Dosa with Chicken curry are good…

    Kind regards,
    Pradeep Rajkumar(Raj)

  4. Hello dear ,

    Thank you so much.

    Waiting for your verdict… Finished my visit to ROYAL Exhibition Stamps 2013

    There is a company Called TCC- The Catering Company…

    Please visit and mention my name to SAM- Raj. He will know my name..

    Good pastry and Standard Snack place…

    Special caterers for events in Royal Exhibition…

    Kind regards,

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