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Hibachi Japanese Grill 火鉢 (King St | Melbourne CBD)

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Location: 230 King St, Melbourne 3000
Telephone: (03) 9670 1661
Lunch | Monday ~ Friday | 12oo – 1430
Dinner | Monday ~ Saturday | 1730 – 2130

Japan in the midst of Melbourne CBD

I’m contemplating the thought… I’ll give it this time. Let’s say it takes a fair call to please me and certainly Hibachi sits to top the list. The last few weeks have been quite a dramatic experience in trying various Japanese joints, and I’ve always found the nook & the cranny that’s dropped the point. But this experience was different…

Chef ‘Hibachi’ working hard to please diners’ taste buds and curiosity

Kitchen and Dining

Situated in Melbourne’s most bustling King Street, this dinning setting has indeed the show, the style, and the taste… and seriously, they really seem to know to know the touch of presentation on the plate… hats off!

Small portions yet again for quite a dear price, may I say …but hey, I went in prepared. Nevertheless, the satisfaction existed on discovering true taste, well presented to suit the dinning palate.

Go for the try… you won’t regret it, and take good company like I did… it made the experience worthwhile.

Side Dish – home marinated bean sprouts


  • Buta Kushi Katsu 串カツ $13.80 [Deep-fried skewer marinated pork belly served w/ Japanese BBQ sauce]

Can’t go wrong with deep-fries

Skewers teamed up with salad

  • Tako Dango Yaki たこ団子焼き $13.80 [Japanese Octopus Balls top w/ katsuobushi]

Takoyaki! It’s very hard to get the right kind of Takoyaki, but Hibachi has got it!

Six quality Takoyaki topped with shaved katsuobushi (dried, fermented, and smoked skipjack tuna)

*melody* Dango Dango Dango Dango…


  • Hibachi Caterpillar 火鉢カタピーラ $22.80 [Nori roll inside out w/ grilled eel, cucumber, avocado & tobiko]

8 pieces to share

Avocado and Grilled eel fan’s wet dream *smirk*

MAIN COURSE (Served with steamed rice)

  • Tori Teriyaki 鳥照り焼き $26.80 [Chicken maryland fillets glazed w/ teriyaki sweet soy sauce]

Well marinated chicken that was strong in flavour

Served with spring onions, mushroom, broccoli and asparagus

A good teriyaki


  • Tempura Ice Cream with Almond Flake てんぷらアイスクリーム $9.50

Such a good looking dessert; make sure you save some tummy room for this

Not only it is good looking but this deep-fried ice-cream is quite a nice dessert

  • Green Tea Sponge Cake served w/ your choice of ice cream (black sesame) 抹茶ケーキ $8.50 (They didn’t have Green Tea Sponge Cake so I was offered Green Tea Mochi 抹茶餅 instead)

The green tea mochi replaced the green tea sponge cake which they had ran out

Bitten mochi.

Total Cost: $104.20
Number of NurikkoVisits diners: Three
Average per person: $35.00

Hibachi on Urbanspoon

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