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Dessert Story 甜品屋 (Swanston Street)

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Location: 305 Swanston Street, Melbourne 3000
Telephone: (03) 9650 7776
Trading Hours: Sunday ~ Saturday | 1130 – 0030!/DessertStoryTawaineseHongKongSweetDessert


Front service area – Thursday Night. Their queuing area for order taking is super narrow and constantly congested.

Dessert Story penetrated into the dessert cafe market in late February 2012 taking a big slice of the pie by opening two branches in the Melbourne CBD. They have gained high popularity amongst oriental dessert lovers over a short period of time, thanks to the university student boom and a growing CBD population. Dessert Story have replaced the Malaysian Old Town Kopitiam in Chinatown and Chinese Dessert House on Swanston St with fresh interior and lots of red decorations – lanterns to be precise.

The shop is very hard to miss; I was there on a Wednesday evening where the entire place was filled with friends, families and couples.

Popularity in Melbourne – Wednesday Night

Dessert must be ordered from the counter and you will be assigned with a number to take back to your seat. The wait time was on the slower side of the scale as they were processing a large amount of orders at the time, but I was happy to wait as long as we have secured a table.

I was lightly disappointed with the warm herbal jelly I picked from the menu given that the cold version looked really attractive (warm versions were not displayed in the menu); but I was served with a bowl of black ‘soup’ in a black bowl, how very appetising don’t you reckon? Originally I thought that I was given with the wrong order but I confirmed that the three key ingredients were in the ‘soup’ so I had to suck it up. Would just like to also mention that the orangey and light pink coloured ‘things’ in the bowl which I initially thought were REAL taro and sweet potato balls, they were actually coloured glutinous balls. Couldn’t taste the taro flavour with the domination of herbal jelly. It is called: Taro Balls, Honey Bean, Pearls and Herbal Jelly from the Signature Herbal Jelly Series [芋園,花豆,珍珠 and 仙草 $6.00]

What I expected – The menu version of Taro Balls, Honey Bea, Pearls and Herbal Jelly.

Desserts Ordered – On First Visit:

  • Mango Pomelo Sago 楊枝甘露+抹茶雪糕 $7.50

    Really nice, happy with this choice

  • Signature Herbal Jelly Series – Taro Balls, Honey Bean, Pearls and Herbal Jelly 芋園,花豆,珍珠 and 仙草 $6.00

    Found glutinous taro balls, pearls and honey bean in the ‘darkness’ – let there be light!

Dessert Ordered on Second Visit:

  • 21 Herbal Jelly Ice + Taro Balls + Cream Herbal Jelly 仙草+冰+芋園+奶油珍珠 $6.00

    Taro balls = Glutinous balls with colouring; looks delicious though

  • 58 Lotus Seeds Tofu Pudding / COLD 蓮子豆花 / 涼 $5.50

    Lotus seeds are believed in Chinese medicine to “clear heat” and be particularly nutritious and restorative to one’s health, which may explain the prevalence of its use in this particular dessert.

  • 92 Original Tofu Pudding in Sugar Syrup / HOT 原味豆腐花 / 熱 $5.00

    Original Tofu Pudding, tasty whether hot or cold

  • 126 Mango Pomelo Sago 楊枝甘露+抹茶雪糕 $7.50

    Item number 126 (mango pomelo sago) once again – it is a popular one

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