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[Recipe] Milk Custard Pudding 雙皮奶

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Milk custard pudding is very easy to make, it’s very light and you can always add your favourite fruit toppings to it.

Served with mango

Served with Red Bean

This is a recipe I came across on Chinese Tumblr?), I was attracted to this recipe’ simplicity and easy-to-find ingredients.


  • 250ml Milk (I used full cream) 牛奶 (我用了全脂)
  • 2 teaspoons of sugar 两勺糖
  • 2 eggs – egg white 二隻蛋清

Steps in a Picture

  1. Bring the milk to the boil and pour it into a bowl to cool
  2. In another bowl, blend the sugar and egg white together until the sugar is dissolved. Be gentle with the blending; doesn’t matter if the sugar isn’t completely dissolved.
  3. By now there should be a layer (of milk?) floating on top of the milk; pour the luke warm milk into the bowl with the egg white, be slow with this step as we want to keep that layer of milk in its original bowl.
  4. Gently blend milk and egg white together
  5. Pour the mixture back into the bowl with the layer of the milk (it should float back up as you pour the mixture back in)
  6. Put the bowl into the steamer for 15 minutes
  7. Leave it out to cool down, or alternatively you can keep it in the fridge
  1. 把牛奶鍋中煮開,倒入大碗,可看到牛奶表面結起一層皺皺的奶皮。
  2. 拿一個空的大碗中放入二隻蛋清、二勺糖,攪勻至糖溶解。
  3. 稍涼後,用筷子把奶皮刺破,再將牛奶慢慢倒入裝有蛋清的大碗,攪拌均勻,沿碗邊緩緩倒回留有奶皮的大碗,奶皮會自己浮起來。
  4. 隔水蒸十分鐘即可。

Out from the steamer


What I found was that the pudding was too thick and too milky to my liking. What I would like to improve is to water the milk down a bit next time (or use coconut milk or soybean milk?) and add either coconut flavour or almond flavour to the mixture. At the moment, the eggy flavour is there if it’s just eaten like that; hopefully adding some fruit topping will take it away.我覺得這個雙皮奶太厚了, 而且牛奶用得太多. 因為是原味所以吃上去會有少許的雞蛋腥味, 不過應該可以用水果或者炒雞蛋(好像網上有看到這樣的吃法?)遮味道. 下次會試著稀釋一下牛奶或者用不同的奶來做(椰奶或豆奶), 而且可以加一些椰子或者杏仁的香精.

Served with Fruit

Served with Tropical Fruit and Palm Seeds

So shiny! How???! Is this even the same thing?

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