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Quang Vinh (St Albans)

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Location: 66 Alfreida St, St Albans 3021
Telephone: (03) 9366 4147
Opening Hours:
Monday ~ Thursday 0900 – 2130
Friday ~ Sunday 0900 – 2200

It’s always been an intriguing experience to tinkle the buds for a taste of the Vietnamese Cuisine. An aspect inspired from the shows of Luke Nguyen. One that has never failed to make me realize the need for any better. An interesting combination of flavors that has distinguished the concept of an Asian Cuisine. A clear choice of basic and simplistic ingredients that goes way beyond in creating that authentic flavor.

Quang-Vinh, located in the central parts of St. Albans has brought forth such taste only to go that extra mile. Situated in the St. Albans, the eatery creates for an environment that is ever packed, regardless of the hour.

A crowd that certainly speaks for itself, in putting forth what this dining experience has defiantly to offer. With dishes to suit every taste-bud, the one definite choice for every dinner would be the need to indulge in marinated ‘Salt & Pepper’ chicken ribs accompanied with none other than a thickened Avocado shake…Now, why would you resist that.

Spring Rolls

Dishes including Fried Rice, Salt and Pepper Chicken Ribs and Marinated Beef

Delicious Avocado Smoothie

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