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The French Lettuce Patisserie and Bakery (Carlton)

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French Lettuce

Location: 237 Nicholson St  Carlton 3053

Telephone: (03) 9347 7311
Opening Hours:
Monday 0900 – 1700
Tuesday ~ Saturday 0700 – 1700
Sunday 0700 – 1500

Famous for their Vanilla Slice, Aj and I wanted to see it for ourselves whether they really are the best in town.

We arrived at the shop at 0730 on a Saturday morning, it wasn’t because we were desperate no – it was on our way to work. Street parking at that time in the morning wasn’t an issue; the city was in deep sleep.

There was a half empty tray of Vanilla Slices placed in the display when we got there, they didn’t look as fresh as the new tray brought out before we left the store. I wonder if the batch we got were left overs?

Fresh Vanilla Slices at 7:30 on a Saturday morning

Taste Taste: French Lettuce Vanilla Slice has moist fillings covered by the crispy pastry; I liked the balanced texture and flavour. Even if they weren’t the best in town I would give high scores for its quality – not to mention that they ARE voted to be the best.

We also bought a strawberry tart along with the vanilla slice; was pretty good also.

Tart and Slice

Strawberry and Custard Tart – around $5.00 (I can’t remember the exact price)

Grabbed a take away coffee and chai latte from them also, we weren’t impressed with the beverages. It was a burnt coffee plus powdered chai latte.

Not so awesome mocha and chai latte

Service Station

Cakes ready to go


Savouries: Pies, pasties and quiches


Overwhelming selection

Dessert Average Price: $5.00 – $6.00

The French Lettuce Patisserie & Bakery on Urbanspoon

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