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Iku Yakitori 居燻 (Brunswick)

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Location: 139 Sydney Rd, Brunswick 3056
Telephone: (03) 9380 4027
Opening Hours:
Lunch | Monday ~ Saturday 1200 – 1500
Dinner | Monday ~ Sunday 1800 til late
Take Away available

Signature on Sydney Road


Nikki’s ::short:: Review

I feel a bit ambivalent towards Iku Yakitori; it’s a great place and their food were nice but I felt that the quality and portion of their meals simply didn’t match the prices they were charging.

AJ’s Review

You know the times when you sit back to realise, I am desperately in need for a night out. Yup…thats exactly what this night was all about.

As crazy as it sounds…we decided to take the easy way out here tonight. Pick n’ try ! We took a drive and made the most of the night. So here, we find ourselves joint within the cluster of Sydney Road, jammed packed as it is…lost in the colours of the night – a cornered Japanese joint that puts forth an impression – a good one ? Not sure yet ….I’m still testing these waters.

The interior greets me with the ambience of dull greyness, only to be greeted with waitresses who spoke Korean in a Japanese joint. Now why do I find this a little slushy, I wonder. Nevertheless, I put my sense of pedantic-ness aside, and proceed to the centre to be amused by tables built into the ground. Now of course that amazes me – they do say – you draw your inspiration from what surrounds you.

Quite elegantly served food in portions that serves the size of a bird’s gizzard but charges the cost of a battalion…quite simply spells the word – Luxury!

I’m testing these waters , like I said – Where does my preference lie? Taste Or Price … I’ll say taste, I’ll shed the extra buck for that authentic taste.

To my lost cause… Iku quite treads on the very lines of failing me. For a price that high, a quantity that severely depresses me – I have to say… My expectations were up there in its taste… but like I said – they’ll pass — barely!

I’ll put the critique mask away, but here we go – for those who like testing waters, this might not be worst and that’s for a fact. Try it and let me know, if you share the same views?



Salad – Sashimi Salad [Salmon and tuna sashimi served with a soy onion dressing] $13.00 *what Nikki saw on the menu*

*what Nikki actually got* Spicy Sashimi Don $14.00

Ordered the Sashimi Salad but was actually given with a Spicy Sashimi Don. Only noticed after checking the receipt. After looking their website up, there is no spicy sashimi don on their menu.

Mix Mix Mix the spicy sashimi don like a Korean stone pot meal.

Sushi and Sashimi – Sushi Combination for one [a mixture of nigiri and tuna rolls] $15.00

Disappointing combination and 5 pieces for 15$?

Kaisen Seafood – Takoyaki [Octopus in a savoury batter, topped with Japanese mayonnaise, tangy sauce, Bonito flakes and dried seaweed flakes] $8.00

Nice takoyaki, but the second time it wasn’t as good. There were barely any octopus in the takoyaki. Too expensive for them.

Gyoza – Prawn Gyoza [Fried and then steamed dumplings served with a soy, vinegar, chilli dipping sauce] $7.00

Good entree

Unagidon [Served with rice and dried seaweed, finished with red straw ginger] $14.00

Unagi was a bit fishy, portion was just right for Nikki

Iku Yakitori on Urbanspoon

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