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Tsubu Bar 粒 (Carlton | Melbourne University)


Location: Swanston Street (Gate 6, Building 1888 University Of Melbourne), Melbourne 3010. Opposite to the Royal Dental Hospital
Telephone: (03) 9035 3410
Opening Hours: Monday ~ Friday | 1100 til late
Happy Hour | 1600 – 1700

Best Discovery Ever – Lucky Melbourne Uni students

So this lovely bar hidden in the university made it quite an attractive hang out spot; it’s shady, mysterious and Japanesey. I was instantly drawn in by the interior decor and wooden furniture in Tsubu; I have always been a big fan of wooden interior, it felt very home-like; and the combination of oriental decoration topped my list of favorite cafe/restaurant styles.

Tsubu Style

Dining Hall (please excuse the fuzzy photo)

Sushi Options

Moving onto the food – to me I felt that they were Japanese dishes with the western touch.

My friend and I have ordered:

  • Bento box (lunch special): choosing from all the ‘salads’ available in the display case
    The salads were quite nice, really liked the eggplant, and tuna rice. Actually, the whole combination was wonderful.

Make Your Own Bento for $8

Make Your Own Bento: Seaweed Salad, Grilled Eggplant, Tuna & Rice and Teriyaki Chicken

Sorry this photo of the bento is blurry ><

  • Mochi: Sweet Black Bean and Cherry Blossom
    Petite delight, both flavours were tasty. *drooling as I type*!!

Desserts: Mochi and Lemon Meringue Tarts

Sweet Black Bean & Cherry Blossom Mochi 餅

Two Mochi Halved

  • Flourless Pineapple Slice
    Moist, citrusy cake with pineapple flavour (not sure if they have used any real fruit) but we have enjoyed our dessert.

Flourless Pineapple Slice

Flourless Pineapple Slice SLICED~~

There were plenty of outdoor seating / shaded area available but it was one of those awkward Melbourne days where it was sunny but windy and very chilly in shades. So we moved back inside and settled ourselves next to the big table in the centre of the dining hall (as I like to call it). Tsubu is only open on weekdays, I can’t wait to try out their dinner menu one day!

Lunch and Dessert sorted!

Tsubu Bar on Urbanspoon

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  1. i didn’t know it existed. will have to try it out

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