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Sahara (Swanston Street)

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Location: 301 Swanston St Level 1, Melbourne 3000
Telephone: (03) 9663 8477
Oepning Hours:
(hours may vary depending on the season, please call to confirm)
Sunday & Monday |  Closed
Tuesday ~ Wednesday | 1600 – 2300
Thursday & Saturday |  1600 – 2345
Friday | 1200 – 2345

Wonders of Sahara

Melbourne City, brings you life sets amidst its alleys, the culture, the lifestyle, and the lights….the ambience that makes Melbourne what it is. Set amidst the bustle of the Melbourne character is a quite retreat, an eatery that creates the warmth of home, with the touch of Middle Eastern love in its own dimension – Sahara – uniqueness in its own right set right out on Melbourne CBD’s  finest streets – Swanston!


A warm, cozy atmosphere, filled with class, yet still a place to retreat for a soundless evening of dinner with the best pals. On entering, greeted Nurikko and I were, with the lightness of the mood that surrounds the place, with perfect beats that match the tempo of pure relaxation, and none the less, with smiles from friends, for which – you could give the world . A clean finish, a wood based interior, and dimmed lighting simply kept us kicking back to enjoy the night ahead.

Inside Sahara

Great place for a meal with friends

While offering a well placed ambient environment, Sahara picks forth a well-selected menu, with ranges that will definitely satisfy the tastes vegetarian critique and those that prefer the dwell on the flavour of succulent meat that ranges through land and sea. Spiced meat platters served on tempered couscous, crunchy calamari salads dressed in olive oil and vinaigrette (was a favourite!!), and curried garden veggies were only a taste of the best of what a perfect selection menu should bring – one we would certainly tick the top box for its taste. Ripened raisins, cashews, and spice served and tossed with light couscous served as the most simplistic dish  on the table, yet found itself the to be tasted as the best dish on the table, creating the essence of the simplicity, yet combining the subtle and divine earthly flavours from the mediterranean nights.

Dishes ordered


Cous-cous – 6.0
spiced with apricot, pomegranate, coriander & pine nuts

Mains (we have ordered one of each from the menu)

Dukkah crusted Barramundi (gf) – 22.5
oven baked with parsnip chips & mint yoghurt

Persian Chicken Salad (gf) – 21.0
roasted chicken breast with apple, cashew & pomegranate and a coconut and lime dressing

Moroccan Calamari Salad – 21.0
mixed with apple, cashew & pomegranate topped with a citrus vinaigrette

Farmers Curry (vv + gf) – 18.5
home-style curry of cauliflower, cashew nut & potato with tomato chutney & crispy okra

Mediterranean Tagine (vv + gf) – 19.5
slow cooked vegetables in a spicy braise with coriander yoghurt

Algerian Chicken (gf) – 22.0
preserved lemon, chicken & olive tagine with thyme & sumac

Zanzibar Hot Pot (gf) – 21.0
steamed mussels in a coconut, chili, tomato & coriander broth

Herdsman Grill – 26.5
spring lamb cutlets, skewers and kofta with tabouleh & mango sambal

Chef’s Special
red curry


Dukkah Crusted Barramundi

Persian Chicken Salad

Farmers Curry

Mediterranean Tagine

Algerian Chicken

Zanzibar Hot Pot

Herdsman Grill

Chef's Special Red Curry

Moroccan Calamari Salad have won out hearts, we have ordered it twice!

While it remained quite clear, that the dishes had certainly won the hearts of every single person on that table, only service remained un-tested, and here I sit….simply to say…one word ‘classy’, filled with elegance, humour and livelihood, a combination that would win the mind of any…..Like I said, simple, yet elite…in its own right. If only, offered a pleasurable dining experience, I think its fair to say…you pay a price well suited to the best of what you receive in return, and Sahara most certainly gave it its true best….

Planning a night to entertain the best of pals, like we did !! Make sure, you win every heart on that table, trust us, get them to Swanston Street’s – Sahara and then you will have to take care of very little.

Bye for now

Uniqueness of the middle eastern taste that defines itself – extremely well, give it a shot! Bonne appetite….

Enjoy it while we find you more…..

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